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The Philippine island of Palawan is regarded universally as the most stunningly beautiful of all the world’s islands. Every year, Palawan generates hundreds of millions of dollars in total revenue thanks to the large number of tourists that are attracted to the island due to its pristine waters.

Now, Palawan has something else to offer travelers that are sure to pique their interest: a paradise stretch! San Vicente!

El Nido is now accessible from a location that is physically closer, thanks to the completion of the San Vicente Airport. This first-class municipality, which is well on its way to becoming the Philippines’ new pride as a world-renowned tourist destination, provides visitors with a one-of-a-kind experience by fusing together nature, culture, and contemporary lifestyle all in one location. The world-class shores of San Vicente are home to tens of thousands of tourists each year in addition to a number of business people who are drawn there by the city’s appeal. Already established on the island are resorts, pension houses, telecommunication, and energy providers, all of which are contributing to the expansion of business.

The San Vicente Flagship Tourism Enterprise Zone will be developed on an area of land that is 883 hectares in size and is located along San Vicente’s Long Beach. Its one-of-a-kind 14.7-kilometer coastline is the Philippines’s longest stretch of white sand beach, making it one of the country’s most popular tourist destinations. Many people believe that the San Vicente Flagship TEZ will serve as a driving force behind the expansion of the entire municipality.

The development of the Flagship TEZ will be guided by green sustainable development principles in order to ensure economic growth, sustainability, environmentally friendly urbanism, agricultural tourism, and the empowerment of the local community. The San Vicente Flagship TEZ is intended to be a thriving tourism hub that provides a variety of activities and conveniences for tourists while also showcasing the natural and cultural resources of the surrounding area.

The development will be segmented into four different growth centers, each of which will focus on a particular theme.

Sun and beach ecotourism will be the primary focus of the first cluster. The high-income market will be the focus of the developments in this area, with a particular emphasis placed on rest and relaxation, retirement tourism, nautical eco-tourism, agri-tourism, and beach activities.

The activities and entertainment geared toward consumers with middle-class incomes will be centered in Cluster 2, which will become a regional epicenter for these activities. The opportunities for investment in dining establishments, retail establishments, and adventure facilities are concentrated here.

Indigenous peoples of San Vicente make their homes in Cluster 3, which is also their cultural center. This area will be developed not only for commercial establishments but also for agritourism in the near future.

Cluster 4 is going to be developed for the high-income market, and this is going to be the area where the most exclusive resorts are going to be located.

Priority center for the development of the TEZ is the 14.7 kilometer Long Beach in cluster one. Here, soon there will rise beach resorts and mountain resorts, second homes and retirement villas, Agri-tourism areas, business hotels, community centers, parks and recreation areas, mixed-use commercial establishments, and a boat dock. To satisfy the anticipated demand from visitors arriving in cluster 1, there is a requirement for more than 160 000 additional hotel rooms. Additionally, the investment that is being made for the development of the TEZ will serve as a catalyst for the growth of San Vicente as a whole. The government will provide funding for fundamental aspects of the infrastructure, and it may also make financial incentives available to entice private investment.

There is a wide variety of exciting opportunities available in the San Vicente Flagship Tourism Enterprise Zone.