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New Agutaya

A Historical Journey Through Barangay New Agutaya, San Vicente, Palawan

Barangay New Agutaya, nestled in the heart of San Vicente, Palawan, boasts a rich tapestry of history, culture, and community. Born from a vibrant confluence of migration and settlement, this community hails its origins back to the time when it was just a sitio, a smaller administrative division, named “Nasalugan”. The name was drawn from the Cuyunon word “saleg” translating to “floor”. Its roots were firmly planted in Barangay Alimanguan and it marked the southernmost barangay of the Municipality of Taytay.

The pioneering settlers of Nasalugan were Mr. Bartolome Adion and his family, along with his brother-in-law, Mr. Jose Favillaran. They were the cornerstone of this burgeoning community, establishing the foundations for what would become an enduring settlement.

The evolution of New Agutaya began with the arrival of people from the municipality of Old Agutaya. They descended on Nasalugan in groups, filling the area with an Agutaynen presence. Sensing the potential for a thriving community, these settlers sought to establish their own barrio. With this goal in mind, they penned a petition letter to the then Municipal Mayor of Taytay, Domingo Mercado. Their request to officially acknowledge their community was met with approval, marking a pivotal moment in the history of New Agutaya. Notably, Mr. Bartolome Adion, one of the first settlers, was assigned the role of the first Barangay Captain.

It was during a community meeting that the new name, “New Agutaya”, was proposed by Melquiades Pablico. Reflecting the origins of the majority of the settlers who hailed from the municipality of Agutaya, the name was enthusiastically accepted by the community. Hence, Nasalugan transformed into New Agutaya, marking the birth of a vibrant new community.

The final piece of New Agutaya’s historical puzzle fell into place on June 21, 1969, when the municipality of San Vicente was created. Along with Barangays Binga and Alimanguan, New Agutaya was transferred from the municipality of Taytay to San Vicente.

Over the years, New Agutaya has maintained its unique cultural identity, representing the spirit and resilience of the Agutaynen people. Today, the barangay stands as a testament to the transformative power of community and migration, embodying a rich and diverse cultural heritage that remains vibrant and flourishing.