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I Want To Sell Someone Else’s Property

In order to guarantee the best possible deals for our clients, we have implemented a robust and transparent policy for securing property listings directly from owners. This not only helps in obtaining the most competitive prices but also enhances the market appeal of the properties we represent.

We welcome property listings from you under two specific circumstances:

    1. Solid Authorization: If you possess a legally binding and exclusive authority granted by the property owner, such as a notarized Exclusive ATS (Authority to Sell) or Exclusive SPA (Special Power of Attorney) to Sell. This ensures that the property transaction is conducted with the owner’s explicit consent and authorization. When seeking listings under the first condition, it is imperative to have a rock-solid legal foundation. Exclusive ATS or SPA documents, when notarized, provide a clear and legally binding agreement between you and the property owner. This authorization ensures that you have the exclusive right to represent the property in the market, streamlining the sales process and minimizing complications.
    2. Family-Owned Properties: If the property you wish to list is owned by your parents, and you are the direct and primary descendant of the landowner. This exception acknowledges the familial connection and streamlines the listing process for family-owned assets. We acknowledge the unique dynamics of family-owned properties. If you are the direct and primary descendant of the landowner—particularly your parents—listing their property becomes a simplified process. This recognizes the inherent familial connection and expedites the listing procedure for such assets.

Our commitment to transparency and fairness in the listing process sets us apart. By adhering to these criteria, we aim to foster trust among property owners, buyers, and sellers alike. This approach not only secures the best prices for our clients but also contributes to the overall integrity of the real estate market.

Please note, however, that accepting a property listing involves adhering to specific terms and conditions. Here are the key points you need to know:

      • Authorization to Sell: We require a written Non-Exclusive Authority to Sell (Non-Exclusive ATS) from you or from the property owner before listing. This signed ATS is essential and non-negotiable, and we use a standard form for this purpose.
      • Corporate Properties: If the property is under a corporation, a Board Resolution authorizing the designated person to sell is needed. This authority should cover executing ATS or entering agreements for listing.
      • Document Submission: Soft copies of all property documents, including Exclusive ATS or Exclusive SPA, are necessary for a faster listing process. Completeness of documents is crucial.
      • Competitive Pricing: Properties must be reasonably priced and competitive to be listed.
      • Exclusive Listings: Priority is given to properties exclusively listed with us. However, all submissions, whether exclusive or non-exclusive, receive attention.
      • Listing Withdrawal: Properties may be removed at our discretion, especially if secured by other brokers at a lower price. Standard pricing is encouraged in the real estate industry.
      • Property Eligibility: We do not deal with timberlands or government-owned properties that cannot be privately owned.
      • Property Visit: We conduct visits for aerial photos and boundary checks. Familiarity with property boundaries and a valid photo ID during inspections are necessary.
      • Authorization for Validation: Besides the ATS, written authorization is required to validate property documents. Certified copies cannot be obtained due to Data Privacy Law restrictions.
      • Honesty is Key: Full disclosure of material facts about the property, ownership claims, and any issues is crucial. We can provide solutions for problematic properties.
      • No Guarantees: We do not promise or guarantee property sales. Buyer decisions are at their sole discretion.
      • Limited Agreement: Our agreement is confined to what is explicitly written.

By submitting the online form, you acknowledge and agree to these Terms & Conditions. Proceeding with your Listing Request indicates your acceptance of these terms, including the site’s Terms of Use.

Now, going back, if you do not qualify for either of the two criteria mentioned above, like the case of being a close relative, a family friend, or a mere acquaintance who would like to grab the opportunity to earn from selling properties, we would like to invite you to join our team! It will be our pleasure to have you on board!

You have two ways to earn by joining our team.


    1. If you possess the qualifications of a real estate salesperson (also called real estate agent) and are not connected to any broker or realty business, we will be happy to meet you in person for a possible opportunity with us. Just like us, real estate agents earn Professional Fees (PF). Get a general idea on how to become a real estate salesperson by visiting this link: Join Our Team
    2. If you find yourself lacking some qualifications for being an agent, do not be sad. You can still join us as a referral. Let us not waste this opportunity to get connected. Referrers earn Referral Fees for every successful transaction.

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